“ la mariposa rosada” means the pink butterfly

this purse is limited to 1

It was made for a friend


The original version is on the left side and the re edition is on the right side


“Jennifer Sue  X ayuki design” re edition

This is a special project

Jennifer Sue had always help me and she believed in my talent and I wanted to created a celebration of a re edition of outfits she did this years ago and I gave it a new spin

this is the sample more coming soon


“ valentines pack “ for sale February 14 2018

Contains 3 pair of Heels

” heart broke “ black gloss/red sparkle

“Choco pink” bronze chocolate metallic /baby punk sparkle

“Steal my valentines” pink gloss/fushia sparkle

Last shoe pack I did was years ago and was a Halloween boot set

Also another shoe exclusive is for fall winter 2017-2018

“ thunder storm” grey gloss /bright yellow sparkle


Heels fit Misaki , nuface and fashion royalty fr2


Here is a preview of one of the many footwear I will have available for 2018

it will be super limited edition

it could be between 10-15

will for Misaki , nuface and fashion royalty fr2



Limited edition neckless

“ rising sun “

if you look carefully it the sun ☀️ rising above