I am working on new projects called” harajuku safari”

that the dolls will be one of a kind wearing clothes and accessories

this is picture of accessories for one doll i am working on


this was a pair of short was ask to customized

shorts are by azone, pure neemo

so i added gold grommets


shorts are by azone int, pure neemo

this is a projects to revised plain tall lace up sneaker boots

and here it it

it has a forth of july theme

sorry i been  away, been doing a huge commision for a doll formy first  sybarite doll

presenting misaki closet by ayuki

i always wanted misaki to have amazing crazy and amazing clothes and accessories as she a Japanese girl

i wanted to take a picture with past and and new clothes and accessories i am working on

it pieces that will be for sale or it will be used in one of a kind doll

special thanks to Veronika  for making me help knit the yellow sweater

well ill be back soon with new updates

comming soon for 2014


right  after i came back from integrity 2013 convention

i started working on this outfit which will be for an ooak doll

if you notice i used the hat from traffic light and sew leather on it

the doll wearing this outfit will  be called “safari misaki”

this are limited belts that i did with little roses for the convention

there roses are very limited design

they where gift  to friend


from series “colors de las flores ” special editions


i am also glad to announce my shoes sold out



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