Feimata Amanda LeNoire “interprète de nuit ”

by ayukislove

my doll found a new home with

Twisted Elegance 78

Name: Feimata Amanda LeNoire

Age: 19  Occupation :Model


place or birth :Wau, Sudan


Shoe size:10  inspiration

model:Alec Wek

About Feimata Amanda LeNoire:

Feimata Amanda LeNoire was discovered at an outdoor market in London by a modeling scout.
What caught the model scouts eye was Feimata’s exotic look, her big lips, her high cheek bones and her jaw lines .
Feimata is conquering the cat walk with her looks and her ability to work the runway.
Feimata is raising to the top, but don’t let her fool you.
Feimata Amanda LeNoire got inspired by a street performer in france when she was walking after a magazine photoshoot.
She loves the sound of the music and she gets inspired by performance style and elegance.

fashion includes

-wig(super silky soft)








-violin case

-shoes  also comes with a customize box  used to be nuface alice

original doll by ayukislove