”  Why Red?”   limited to 25  , price 15 dollars
   –  red boots  with hints of black
    why red info:  yes indeed why red? , red goes with almost anything
                             especially with a black sexy outfit, red is love and
                             the color red makes indeed the best lip color
” Trick or Treat ”    set limited  to 25 sets , price 45 dollars
 – orange/black , purple and green, lizard mustard yellow /lizard black
 trick or treat info: On Halloween everyone doll has to find a perfect custom
                              but a custom can not be perfect without the perfect boots.
                              why not spice it up with hot Halloween color boots that
                              can be used for a Halloween party or used them year
                              round with you favorite outfits
” xmas by ayuki”    set  limited to only 5 set  price, 55 dollars
  – green metallic, red metallic and coal silver metallic
xmas set info: This was a collaboration between Jennifer sue doll  and Ayuki.
                         I always love this shoe  design and wanted to give it a new life,
                         by making them in new colors and fixing it a bit. every doll wants
                         shoes for Christmas right so why not holiday shoes with a twist
                         of naught, the coal silver shoe referents coal
The ‘Why Red “and  “Trick or Treat “set shoes   will fit
Fashion Royalty, Fr2 , NuFace,Misaki, poppy parker, Color infusion, Jem doll , barbie, silkstone , monster high
momoko doll and blythe . This are quality shoes and it a universal shoe fit
The  X – Mas shoes fits all body types mention up ,except for monster high and color infusion
Shoe Design by AYUKI
Styling, Layout, and Photography by LORRENCE
and special thank to Shuang from jennifer sue dolls
My Email is  ayuki.design@mail.com   ( NO CAPITAL LETTER )
I will be taking order for the fashion royalty  convention 2013
 Also will set some aside for people who wont attend this year convention
I will ship international and if you have a friend in the convention i also can deliver it so you save shipment
Thank You
Sincelry AYUKI